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The Voters - Electile Dysfunction

Coming this 4th of July, 2012!



Blame It On Bush - Distractions - America Is Coming Back 

Shining City Upon A Hill - Pelosi's Jet - Nobody Told Me 
Wife Of A Soldier - Leading From Behind 
America, What Have We Done?

WARNING - If after listening to Electile Dysfuction you experience and interest in politics lasting more than 4 hours, do not contact your psychiatrist. You'll get used to it.



This is The Voters debut album and it has nine original compositions.  The first single, "Blame It On Bush" is now available on itunes, and the full album should be for sale the 4th of July of 2012. 

Follow The Voters on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and information.  

You can support our grassroots movement by telling your friends about us. Together, we can get our Country back on the path that made America great. 

Help us spread that message by purchasing our music when it becomes available.  You will also be able to download it digitally through itunes and many other legal music sites. 

Freedom isn't free, neither is music.  If you enjoy our songs, please do the right thing and purchase them legally.  

Thank you,
The Voters 

Original Cover Art entitled "The Capitol" by Pamela Steuart.

©Pamela Steuart Fine Art 2012 All Rights Reserved

​​​​Exercising Our First Amendment Rights Through Music

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